Saturday 15 May 2021


- First awarded paper for paper in energy conference, Azad University khomainishahr, 2015
- First awarded Design  for design and development of Solar Refrigerator  from Young Researchers and Elite Club,2016
- Founder of  Kahroba Sante Espadan(KSE), elite company
- Design and development of portable  water wall video metric system 
- Distinguished student  from representor of science and education, Iran
• During MSC course 2008, 2009 
• Ph.D. Course 2010,2011,2013, 2014(silver garade)
- Avishkar  2012_OMC ( odor movie camera) selected  for round  III state level from  Pune university
- Ranked 5 th   in MSC , Department  of instrumentation  science  (among 47 participants)
- Avishkar 2009,Design and development of fuzzy spin coater (team working) selected  for round  III state level from  Pune university
- Candida as the selected presentation  for the interview of scientific prize of satish bihadte ,Pune university .2009
- Distinguished Staff  in T/L (transmission line) section in BARSAN company_2006
- Candidate for the Khwarizmi  Science Prize 2005 Selected  research  topic  from  Azad University for  design  and  implementation  of  Labyrinth  robot  , Iran (team working)

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